ncc50Fifty Years of Fine Teaching

At Norfield Children’s Center, we believe that our warm, nurturing environment provides the building blocks for your child’s social, emotional, and intellectual growth.   We are also able to offer extended day hours for families that need options beyond the traditional preschool hours.  We are constantly evaluating our programs and strive to meet the needs of parents and children as they evolve; and that is part of why during the 2013/2014 school year we  celebrate Fifty years as part of the Weston community!  Founded in the sixties, by a group of  dedicated educators and parents and lead by Stephanie Head, the Preschool’s first Director, Norfield began as a small nursery school, and has evolved into an important resource for children of many ages.

Norfield Children’s Center is located in the education building at 64 Norfield Road.   We are a non-profit, non-sectarian organization.  The School is ideally located; perched on a hill above Hurlbutt Elementary School and adjacent to the Weston Public Library.  Both the Preschool and Extended Day programs at Norfield Children’s Center are licensed by the state of Connecticut.

What We Believe

Our experience and commitment to your child are the foundations of our programs.  We are staffed by dedicated and caring teachers.  We treasure each child’s uniqueness and allow him or her to grow and discover at his or her own pace.

Our warm stimulating environment creates a very special place for your child.  Through music, investigative play, and games we aim to spark creativity, invite curiousity and encourage learning.

Our balanced program promotes “hands-on” learning.  Children experience both indoor and outdoor activities with plenty of opportunity for free play and interactive, dynamic learning.

Our location helps create a sense of community.  Proximity to the Weston Public School campus permits easy transition from pre-kindergarten to kindergarten.  Once your child enters the Weston school system, Norfield Children’s Center remains both a familiar and convenient before/after school child care option.  The teachers and students often have opportunites to communicate with happy alumni on the Kindergarten playground!

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  1. admin says:

    It is so exciting that Norfield Children’s Center will be celebrating it’s 50th year in Weston! Check back for exciting details of events to come! Thanks for all of your support over the years, Mary

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